About Us

We are a private, family owned business that started out in the construction industry, ventured into the sand and gravel/aggregate industry, and finally to real estate/land development.

Our goal is to provide an affordable, well maintained  destination for the RV traveler, and community for the permanent resident.


In 1964, Bill Blomgren was dabbling in drag racing ,in partnership with two others. In the summer of that year, their driver was injured in an unfortunate accident at the dragstrip in San Fernando, CA. After that incident, the team disbanded and were no longer involved in racing—other than as enthusiastic spectators.

After their marriage in September 1964, Bill and his wife, Larilyn, resided in Tujunga, CA and they both worked at a local truck body manufacturing company. The couple welcomed the birth of their son, David, in May of 1965.

In December of 1966, Bill suffered a broken back while racing motorcycles in the desert and has been paraplegic from that time to present. The family went through a difficult period after the accident and, after approx. a two-year period, Bill’s health improved enough so that he began thinking of various things he could do to support his family. After doing piece-work on small parts in his garage (and after the addition to their family of daughter, Elena, in 1969) he and a friend began a retail motorcycle parts and accessory store in Tujunga. While fairly successful, the partners decided to market catalog sales nationwide—introducing some parts and accessories of their own design for custom street bikes. The business did well until a fire destroyed their inventory and building in 1974, after which time the business was dissolved.

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After repairing the burned building, Bill and his father, Sven, began doing cylinder machine work. Following the flood in the area in 1978, Bill then had the opportunity to purchase a Caterpillar 955/12A that needed some restorations. During this time, he purchased another Caterpillar 977/20A and hired an operator to dig out some of the homes that had been flooded and mud-impacted in the national forest in Big Tujunga Canyon. Thus began our expansion into the demolition/grading/excavation business.

In 1979, the company, B & B Equipment, moved to a yard in Sunland, CA and worked for many contractors in the valley area for the next four years. In 1983, we became aware that the Army Corps of Engineers was putting the major flood control dam in our area out for bid for cleanup and restoration—namely, Hansen Dam Flood Control Basin. This dam had been literally filled with an estimated 32 million tons of rock, gravel, sand and silt from devastating floods in 1969 and 1978. Bill decided to incorporate and form a new company–Channel & Basin Reclamation, Inc., requested a bid package from the Army Corps, and were subsequently awarded the contract for the project.
There was much controversy in the industry as to whether Blomgren’s small company could perform according to the contract, undertaking a project of this size and scope. However, the company grew rapidly and exceeded projected goals well beyond everyone’s expectations and surprise. The company also brought homeowner groups together in the goal of restoring badly needed recreation in the northeast San Fernando Valley. The company acquired a considerable fleet of heavy equipment and sand and gravel screening and crushing equipment. Along with the Hansen Dam project, we expanded operations into the Indio, Thermal, Barstow, and Lucerne Valley area locations.
Upon termination of the Hansen Dam project, the company relocated to a plant in Lebec/Frazier Park in 1999, under management of son, David Blomgren. Our subsidiary companies include B & B Equipment, Inc., B & B Materials, Inc., Crushed Products, Inc., Desert Rock Products, Inc. David’s union company is DivMat, Inc. (Diversified Materials), which operates portable crushers at various  jobsite locations. *The earthquake of January 1994, generated a multitude of work for DivMat and B & B Equipment, processing recyclable material from the City of Los Angeles. This work allowed B & B Equipment to purchase a new portable crushing plant. Revenues substantially increased also with the CA Department of Transportation’s retrofitting of the freeway bridges and sections of roadways destroyed by the earthquake. (David’s family has become an integral part of the Lebec/Frazier Park community and plan to develop commercial properties and equestrian related enterprises in the near future.)
An auto accident in March of 1994, restricted Bill’s active participation in the businesses to a large extent, at which time, David focused all of his efforts in structuring the growth of DivMat, as well as helping to handle management of the corporate operations. During Bill’s approx. two-year recovery from spinal surgery, he again became interested in the motorsports industry. Along with various friends’ encouragement, he purchased a Top Fuel Funny Car (Team Geronimo) and plunged into drag racing once again with a vengeance! Our first race out was Pomona, CA in Feb. of 1996. Daughter, Elena, was hands on and involved in managing the race team and took care of all travel and lodging arrangements, advertising/marketing, and all hospitality functions at various track venues on the race tours. “Dad” and the family members enjoyed the challenges, opportunities and many friendships made along the way.

In the midst of all these activities, Blomgrens purchased a motel and developed a recreational vehicle resort in Lakeside, Montana, which they still own and is operated each summer; Edgewater RV Resort and Motel on Flathead Lake. See our website for the Edgewater at: www.edgewaterrv.com
In 2000, the Indio plant location was sold and, in 2004, we sold the Lucerne Valley quarry property and acquired 250 acres for the purpose of developing a high-end Motor Coach Resort in Benson, AZ, which we are presently concentrating on. It is called Arizona Legends RV Resort, which will consist of five separate village sections when completed.

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